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typWrittr is distraction-free, minimal and yet highly configurable online text editor. It features unique concept of inspirational presets that increases the flow of inspiration using various UI elements and sounds.

Here's what our users think about typWrittr:

Whether you're starting the next great novel or you just have your own thoughts you'd like to get down without being distracted, typWrittr is a simple, easy-to-use webapp that gives you space to write, an attractive background, and just enough options to help you get going without getting distracted by buttons, tools, and other sites.

Alan Henry, www.lifehacker.com

It runs in your browser, it’s highly customisable and has a uniquely minimalist appeal that forces you to concentrate on one thing: your writing.

Tim Brookes, www.makeuseof.com

Its simple yet so attractive to write text on it.

Laxman Singh, www.ilovefreesoftware.com

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By registering on typWrittr.com you become a member with basic plan activated. You can enjoy using typWrittr and all it's benefits for free for 3 weeks. After that pediod it's up to you whether to continue to use it by making a single life-time purchase and become a PRO memeber.

23 build-in inspirational themeVarious themes, some are used for screenshots yes yes
Extra inspirational theme packsThat is extra 80 themes! yes yes
High UI customizationCustomize fonts, colors, shadows, borders, and a lot more yes yes
Esthetic typing soundsThree variations yes yes
Secured connection and file encryprionYour connection is safe, your files are secured yes yes
Statictics barTrack words, characters and visible book titleyes yes
Time limitTrial period to test typWrittr3 weeks no limits
Document/book per accountDocuments stored in the cloud 10 documents no limits
FREE $4.99